Ija Papstel exhibition “Young musicians” 20.07-27.08

Black and white photography has always fascinated me. I’ve been trying to practice it ever since I got my first digital camera but always felt that something is missing. The pictures were lacking the flavor of „old“, which I’m so enchanted with in analog photography. This is how I ended up in darkroom.
The idea of the exhibition came years ago, when seeing the daily efforts from twin sisters Sandra and Helena while practicing music. It sure didn’t look an easy task. There were times when practicing went on through tears as other kids were playing outside or surfing in internet at the same time. Hence the idea of photographing the girls with their musical instruments in order to show them how beautiful this is for a bystander. I kind of hoped that this would better motivate them to continue. As well as to save memories from these moments in case they decided not to continue playing in the future. It took me some five years to get the material together. Already in the beginning I hoped that this could perhaps develop to a personal exhibition. So I extended the series every year and continued to do so until the graduation. As time passed I saw enthusiasm and interest growing in girls in participating in the project. Eventually they were even generating ideas for scenes as well as there is a picture at the exhibition where the idea comes from the sisters. The music school is behind us by now but the girls keep on practicing. And that I am very happy about.