Airi Leon’s exhibition “Street Photography” can be seen above the secret staircase

Every photography enthusiast will eventually find an area nearest to their heart. Some are devoted to photographing nature, others are drawn towards staged photography. There are many areas of photography to find oneself in and to establish oneself as a photographer. I have been interested in photography for more than 20 years. About 2 years ago I came to a final conclusion that street photography is the one I enjoy the most.

Street photography is like journaling for me. I want to document and cherish these moments and people, who cross paths with me. Thanks to photos I get to remember simple everyday emotions and occasions. In Estonia I am drawn to photographing elderly people, who carry these characteristics that remind me of my childhood. As our surroundings change throughout the years, there seem to be less and less of the sweet and homelike people in the street scene, our own people – a fragment of Estonia.