Peeter Tooming 80`

Peeter Tooming 80` from 30th May to 2th September

The exhibition celebrating the 80th birthday of the Estonian photo artist, documentary director and journalist Peeter Tooming (1939-1997) is a selection of original works by the author.

Two contrasting sides of the author are distinguished in the Museum of Photography Project Room: precision, drive to work and utter patience on the one hand, and on the other a free and creative spirit that seeks coincidences.

One side of the exhibition is a rephotographic series “55 years later”, which is the author’s 1990s magnum opus, where the author has photographed anew the views captured by Carl Sarap (1893-1942) in the 1930s. At that time the practice of rephotography wasn’t widely known in the world. The conceptual series, showing the pre-occupation Estonian Republic and post-occupation Estonia side by side, has been published in its full extent as nine books, but seldom have the original exhibition works been seen.

The second part of the exhibition – “Visions” – is a series formalised in the montage method, which creates oddities and shifts. The author has freely and creatively fit together different objects with Tallinn’s Old Town.

Curator of the exhibition: Tanel Verk


We thank: Sirje Tooming, Peeter Langovits, Tarmo Rämmi, Annely Miil, Ott Eelmaa and Rita Rahu