Tallinn 800! Exhibitions about Tallinn’s common history with Denmark in City Museum & Kiek in de Kök

Tallinn City Museum introduces the close connections between Denmark and Estonia, their common symbols and when the city of Tallinn was established in the 13th century.

Tallinn celebrates its 800th anniversary. In June 2019, it will be precisely 800 years since the first recorded mention of Tallinn in connection with the crusades of Valdemar II of Denmark to northern Estonia. This event has become known primarily through the Livonian Chronicle of Henry. Although the chronicle does not mention the name Tallinn and its settlement, it is possible to associate the events with Toompea and the area of the future city of Tallinn.


City Museum, Vene 17

From stronghold to town – the birth of a Danish town 800 years ago

22 May 2019 – January 2021
When does a settlement become a city? What happened during the crusade of Valdemar II of Denmark and what were the early years under Danish rule like? The exhibition gives a detailed reconstructions of Tallinn during the Danish era based on archeological findings.

Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum, Komandandi 2

Dannebrog and Estonia 1219–2019

15 June 2019 – May 2020
The joint exhibition organised by the Danish Museum of National History at Frederiksborg and Tallinn City Museum provides an overview of the background and events of the Battle of Lyndanisse, the Danish periods of rule in Estonia, as well as the Danish monarchy at that time.

The exhibition is opened by HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.


CITY TOURS through the Old Tallinn of the Danish period

The walk through the Tallinn of the Danish period in English, in Russian. The tours start on the exhibition in Kiek in de Kök Fortification museum and will end on the exhibition at the City Museum (Vene 17) .

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Dedicated web page tallinn800.ee

We celebrate the “Tallinn 800” year with exhibitions, themed days, city tours, lectures and experiential learning. Overview of the programm is available at the dedicated web page tallinn800.ee/en/.  The web page is available in Estonian, English, Danish and Russian. Tallinn City Museum and Kardiorg Art Museum collaborated on publishing the “Tallinn 800” brochure in English and Estonian, as well as fliers in Danish, Russian and Finnish.


Check out an overview of the programme here: