Celebarate Christmas and Have A Party at Kiek in de Kök!

Organise an adventurous Christmas party! At the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum, we will talk about how Christmas used to be celebrated in Tallinn.

The Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum is a great venue for a Christmas event, with a Christmas programme that highlights the city wall and the bastion passages – a treasure hunt, as well as peace on earth and under the earth.

The Christmas programme at Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum (duration up to 1.5 hours) includes an adventurous journey through mysterious underground passages and medieval fortification towers. We will talk about how Christmas has been celebrated in Tallinn at various times in history. We will look for hidden treasures in underground passages and find out more about what gifts have been exchanged among the locals throughout history.

A luxurious Christmas feast awaits all participants at the end of the tour at Neitsitorn (the maiden’s tower).

This atmospheric celebration is suitable for groups of friends, families as well as larger groups of colleagues. The maximum seating capacity at the venue is 50 people (tables on two levels of Neitsitorn, with magnificent views over the Old Town)



The menu options include a vegetarian meal and a traditional Christmas roast:

Traditional option:

Roast pork with herb potatoes, red cabbage, oven-baked apples and mustard sauce

Pumpkin cheesecake

Vegetarian option:

Vegetable skewer with potato and sweet potato gratin, red wine and blackcurrant sauce

Lemon sponge with cherry sauce 

Drinks: flavoured water, glogg, coffee, tea, a glass of red or white wine served with the main course

The package includes an adventurous tour and a two-course Christmas dinner.

  • Adventure programme 1.5 h + Christmas feast 2 h (total approx. 3.5 h) €50
  • A tour of the towers (excluding the bastion passages) 30 min + Christmas feast 2 h (total approx. 2.5 h) €40

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