Celebrate Halloween with retro horror movies at the most haunted medieval tower in Tallinn

Whether you call it Halloween or Samhain or All Saints’ Eve or Allhallowtide, it is the time when weather turns colder, nights darker and longer and it seems wiser to stay cosily indoors. Or hang out with others. As there’s safety in numbers and all kind of spirits and creatures are about and lurking and some of these may not mean well.

Thus we propose to hang out in the most notorious haunted tower in Tallinn and watch retro horror movies together. We’ll be so much braver together; especially, when someone knowledgeable is introducing the films.

WHERE: The Gate Tower of the Short Leg (the attic)
WHEN: Wednesday, 31 October 2018 from 5:30pm onwards

Admission fee: 5 EUR


Viy. Illustration by R. Shtein (1901)

5:30 pm Arrival and start of the marathon
6:00 pm House on Haunted Hill (1959)
7:30 pm Viy (1967)
9:30 pm Nosferatu (1922)
11:20 pm Night of the Living Dead (1968)
1:00 am Departure

There will be Estonian/English introduction/discussion per each movie. Yet the main focus will be on Viy (1967), the first Soviet horror film. The films are in English (Viy is in Russian with English subtitles).
Drinks and snacks can be purchased at the concession stand/snack bar.

It is ok to arrive late and/or leave early and not stay for the whole duration of the event — hence the starting times of the films.

However, as the attic of the haunted tower is not very large please sign up  HERE, so we’ll know to expect you.


How to find us.

First you’ll have to find the Danish King’s Garden (Taani kuninga aed). Do not be spooked by the ghost monks!

Then you’ll have to enter the Maiden Tower (Neitsitorn), where you can pay for admission and then continue two floors up and take the wall walk past the Stable tower to the top floor of the Gate Tower of the Short Leg.

And over there you can spend many cosy hours enjoying retro horror and celebrating Halloween.