Plan your visit to the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications museum


October – April:
Tue – Wed  
Fri – Sun

May – September:
Mon–Sun 11–18

The museums are closed on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:  1 January, 24 February, 23-24 June, 20 August, 24-26 December.
Closes 3 hours earlier on days preceding public holidays: 23 February, 22 June, 23 December, 31 December.

The fortifications museum is being updated!

Entrance to the bastion passages and to the Carved Stone Museum is through the lobby of Kiek in de Kök tower.
The exhibition in the Kiek in de Kök tower is being renovated. The tower will be open again in 2024.
The entrance to the floors of the artists’ studio, the nostalgic cafe, the wall gallery, Stable Tower and Short Leg Gate Tower’s exhibition „Endless Coffee Drinking“ is from the Maiden Tower.


Full ticket 12 €
Discount 6 € (students, seniors)
Family ticket 24 € (2 adults and their children up to 19 years old)

TOWERS TICKET : Kiek in de Kök, Maiden Tower, Stable Tower, Gate tower
Full ticket 8 €
Discount 5 € (students, seniors)
Family ticket 18 € (2 adults and their children up to 19 years old)

BASTION PASSAGES TICKET: Bastion Passages, Carved stone museum
Full ticket 8 €
Discount 5 € (students, seniors)
Family ticket 16 € (2 adults and their children up to 19 years old)


5 MUSEUMS JOINT TICKET: City Museum, Kiek in de Kök Fortifications, Museum of Photography, Kalamaja Museum, Tallinn Russian Museum
Full ticket 20 €
Discount 15 € (students, seniors)
Family ticket 35 € (2 adults and their children up to 19 years old)

7 MUSEUMS ANNUAL PASS: Unlimited access to all the branches of Tallinn City Museum during one year (365 days).
Full ticket 50 €
Family ticket 70 € (2 adults and their children up to 19 years old)


Free museum Sundays – admission to the museum is free for everyone once a month, pre-registration is required.

The admission is free for children under 6 and holders of documents attesting to the following:

  • holders of Tallinn Card
  • Muuseumikaart
  • ICOM members
  • WFTGA members
  • Employees of Estonian museums
  • Employees Tallinn Botanical Garden
  • Holders of valid press cards
  • Members of Tallinn Tour Guide Association
  • Tours from children’s homes
  • Disabled pesrons and their attendants
  • Entrance is free to everyone on the International Museum Day, 18 May.

The museum is divided in two parts that can be visited either in combination or separately.

  • The museum can also be visited in parts:
    In addition to the full ticket, there is a separate ticket for visiting the towers only, and a ticket to visit only the bastion passages and the Carved Stone Museum.
  • Download the AUDIOGUIDE:  App Store  ja Google play.
  • The Bastion passages can be visited on your own, independently, without a special tour.
    On the other hand, you can book a guided tour of the spot.
  • Please note that temperature in the passages is 10 -12 °C throughout the year and we have to navigate some rather steep stairs, so please dress appropriately!
  • Please note: We do not recommend taking children under the age of 7 to the Bastion passages. It is also not recommended to visit the passages for people who are afraid of closed spaces, have limited mobility, or have balance disorders or dizziness.
  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of the historic buildings, wheelchair access is not possible. We apologize!
  • Be careful on the stairs, the steps have uneven height and can be slippery!


Kiek in de Köki front desk: (+372) 644 6686
MaidenTower front desk: (+372) 601 2751

Book guided tours:  
Address: Komandandi tee 2, Tallinn 10130



We are located on Toompea Hill near the Vabaduse väljak at Komandandi tee 2.
(mobile view)