Maiden Tower (Neitsitorn)


The Maiden’s Tower (Neitsitorn), was built as a defence tower in the 14th century. It has also been an artists’ home and a popular bar. The museum offers amazing views and displays Tallinn’s café culture,  and the history of the tower.

From the Maiden’s Tower, you can access the Stable Tower (Tallitorn) whitch is famous as the most haunted place in Tallinn, and Gate Tower (Väravatorn) atop the town wall.


In front of the Maiden Tower the story of the city of Tallinn began in the summer of 1219. Engaged  in the fierce and glorious battles to defend the city (1577) the tower later was turn into apartment house,  the home for important people and an studio for artists.

In 1970s the tower was restored

1980 a popular café was opened in the building.

In 2013 the museum was opened.