The permanent exhibition at Vene 17 covers the history of the town from pre-history to the 1990s.
The cellar houses a study collection of our porcelain and faiance collection (have a glimpse here).
Our collections of historic ceramics, copper and brass, and pewter are opened to the public, too.


The exhibition of Langebraun Porcelain from Priidu Nõmm’s Private Collection

The largest known private collection of Langebraun porcelain in the world will be publicly exhibited for the first time at the exhibition. Priidu Nõmm’s collection probably has more vessels bearing the stamp of the ...

The Tallinn City Museum’s annual exhibition tells the story of how we have lived

The exhibition “One Hundred Years of Everyday Life”  marks the occasion of the centenary of the Republic of Estonia by looking at each decade to see where we have come. In each year that ends ...


In 2015 we started co-operating with Google Inc. and since October 2016 everyone has the chance to visit the virtual Tallinn City Museum on Google Arts & Culture platform. The virtual museum includes 3D tours of three of our sites – City Museum in the Old Town, Kiek in de Kök, and the house of Peter the Great. It also contains pictures and information about more than 160 items, most of which are not on public display, as well as a number of virtual exhibits.

Views of Tallinn cityscapes from our collections at Google Arts & Culture
Mobile view