“Take a picture of me!” 8.06-28.08

The earliest photographs in the collection of the Museum of Photography were taken in the second half of the 19th century and this is also where the first photos of children and young people who lived in Estonia date from. When looking at these more than a century old photographs and later historical captures in the collection, one is bound to ask, what kind of life did the children in the pictures live? What was important to them? How well did they do at school? Did they have many friends whom they cherished? Were they happy?

Has the life of children and young people changed in more than a hundred years and if so, how much? In order to answer all of these questions, the exhibition juxtaposes historical images with contemporary photographs that have been sent to the Museum of Photography in spring 2017 by children and young people themselves. This allows the viewers to look for parallels and changes through the ages, from toys, poses people assume in front of the camera and clothing to potential time travellers.