Education in Children’s Museum Miiamilla

Order the Children’s Museum Miiamilla museum lesson for kindergarten or school!

When ordering one museum lesson, the price of a child’s pass is €5. By booking at least three museum hours at the same time in Tallinn City Museum branches, the price of a child’s pass is 20% cheaper, or €4. Discount price does not apply to seasonal programs. Up to three teachers or group chaperones participate with a free pass. When invited to the museum’s kindergarten or school, the price is €6 per child and the cost of transportation is added.

Booking lessons and more information: phone (+372)6017057 or


In the Miiamilla museum class you can learn how to play as well as to think. All the museum classes are related to the friendship theme. Through play we gain the skills and knowledge of how to be good friends with nature, other people, objects and ourselves.

Our principles are:
learning through playing;
supporting the child’s creativity;
creating an environment helpful for the child’s development and socialization;
providing a sense of security for the child.