16.–24. septembril
Days of National Cultures
at Tallinn City Museum

Tallinn City Museum branches are celebrating Days of National Culture on the 16-24 of September, remembering the legacy of the motley group of people who once laid the foundation for the urban environment and looking at what has reached the present day.

Tallinn City Life Museum

A day of telling legends at the Tallinn City Life Museum

September 17
11.00 ENG; 13.00 EST; 15.00 RUS

The storytellers of the City Life Museum, Karoli, Kristina and Natalja, tell legends related to Tallinn, some of them will be played out. Together we travel back in time with the legends and adventure in medieval Tallinn, where the guides are Vana Toomas, the old man of Ülemiste and the master of Oleviste.

Tickets are available in Fienta

Price: 6€/4€/family ticket 12€

Meeting place: Tallinn City Life Museum, Vene 17


Excursion in a medieval merchant’s house, in Italian!

September 21, 4 p.m

Target group: adults/families

Ticket are available in Fienta

Price: €6 / €4 / family ticket €12

Meeting place: Tallinn City Life Museum, Vene 17


City tour “Tallinn – multicultural trade city”

September 22

18.00 RUS

September 23

18:00 EST

The tour introduces the history of the city through the nationalities that have lived here. Cities evolved here precisely with the settlement of new people on our lands in the late Middle Ages, each bringing their own language, food, religion and customs. People came to the trading town to work and trade from many different places. There were seasonal workers and sailors who moved from trading town to trading town. Life in the suburbs was multicultural, where in addition to Estonians there were also Finns, Swedes, Tatars, Russians, Poles and many others.

During the tour, we will hear what nationalities have lived in the city of Tallinn since the Middle Ages. Will think about what languages you could hear walking down the street, who lived in the suburbs, and what was said about the nationalities in the manifesto of independence of the Republic of Estonia.

Price: €6 / €4 (students, pensioners)

Meeting place: Tallinn City Life Museum, Vene 17

House of Peter the Great

Excursion “Holiday makers and summer vacationers: summary of the season” in Kadriorg Park

September 16

12.00 RUS; 14.00 EST

September is the time to roundup the summer and holiday season. Over the past centuries, Kadriorg has become a favorite vacation spot for the people of Tallinn and visitors to our capital. Let’s look back at the time when it was a popular resort and when Kadriorg became a summer resort.

Many people know that Kadriorg was visited by members of the Russian Tsar family. But did you know that the famous chocolate king Georg Stude had a cottage here? The writer, journalist and enlightener Carl Robert Jakobson also stopped here and bathed in the cold sea water.

During the walk, we talk about the ups and downs of this area, look around the park and the surrounding areas. We are also creating a composite portrait of a 19th- and 20th-century vacationer in Kadriorg.

Price: €9 / €6 (students, pensioners)

Meeting place: Peeter I house, Mäekalda 2

Tallinn Russian Museum

Tallinna Vene muuseum Pikal tänavalCity excursion “From Kalamaja to Kopli. Architect Aleksandr Wladovsky’s Tallinn”  

September 19

18.00 EST/ RUS (two guides with two groups)

Architect Aleksandr Wladovsky’s activities covered several counties in Estonia, but the main part of his work can be found in the capital, where he moved in the early 1920s. In his work, he used a wide spectrum of styles – from neoclassicism to art nouveau. Some of the buildings designed by Wladovsky received an ambiguous reception from contemporaries, but today they have become an integral part of Tallinn’s urban space. For example, an apartment building at Linda 15, Kalma sauna or Nikolai Imetegija church in Kopli.

The excursion starts in front of the Kalamaja museum, we will go to Kopli by public transport, each participant must register their right to drive with a green card or buy a ticket.

Price: €9 / €6 (students, pensioners)

Duration: 120 min

Meeting place: Kalamaja Museum, Kotzebue 16

Guided tour at the exhibition “My Tallinn. Alexandr Wladovsky”

September 20

5:00 PM EST; 18.00 RUS

Aleksandr Wladovsky (1876–1950), a Russian-Polish artist, architect and publicist who graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, represents a group of architects who have left a deep mark on the Estonian architecture of the first half of the 20th century. Wladovsky lived and worked in Tallinn from 1922 to 1950. During this time, about 40 objects related to him were added to the urban space. According to his projects, public buildings and residential buildings were built, interiors were created for villas and memorial stones for graves. All this became part of the cityscape of Tallinn, which is so familiar to us today.

Price: €4 / €3 (students, pensioners)

Meeting place: Tallinn Russian Museum, Pikk 29a

Kalamaja museum

Cooking evening “Flavours of Brazil”

September 21
18.00 EST/ENG

Maris, Saskia and Thiago from Café Brasil on Volta Street are bringing a taste of Brazil to Kalamaja Museum for a special cooking evening. They have all lived in Brazil and the wish to share the joy, warmth and energy that comes with Brazilian food, music and culture inspired them to open the very first Brazilian café in Tallinn. For the cooking event, there are two delicious Brazilian dishes on the menu: traditional sweet Brigadeiro and crispy-cheesy snack Pão de queijo.

Price: €9 / €7 (students, pensioners)

Places are limited, get your ticket HERE