Flo Kasearu’s video installation “Contact”

From the 5th of June the inner courtyard of the Museum of Photography will be open to exhibit Flo Kasearu’s video installation “Contact”.

The artist uses the artwork to engage with the questions of the contemporary world. At the centre of the Old Town, the hotspot of tourism in Tallinn, in between the wandering tourists, is the place to talk about those who have arrived in Estonia, of the travellers and of the war and climate refugees. How can tourism change the local cultural community and how does exile change their new homeland?

Who are more vulnerable, the people fleeing from war or the locals, who are guarding their traditions and living standards? An unintelligible situation arises, where it is impossible to understand who should be protected from whom or whom to observe.

Labelling and attitudes towards other human beings can escalate to aggression at points and the cause is said to be aggressive individuals who entered the country. The reality is somewhere else, but safety pods can be still found everywhere and there are new ones emerging.

It is difficult to blend in with the local conservative group of people, and when looking for common interests, the Egyptian pyramids wind their way into the conversation, because every local has been to see them many times as a tourist.

Information: www.flokasearu.eu