Tallinn City Museum to turn 80. See what is planned for the jubilee year!

Here you will find the more important events and exhibitions to take place at our sites during the jubilee year. More detailed information about the events will henceforth be available on the webpages of our sites. The timetable is being specified.


  • Museum of Photography: “STODOM – a combination of letters that changed photography in Estonia. An exhibition about a group of photographers (Peeter Tooming, Kalju Suur, Rein Maran, Boris Mäemets, Andrei Dobrovolski and Tatjana Dobrovolskaja). Presentation of the exhibition catalogue. The curator is Tanel Verk.
  • Museum-café Neitsitorn: presentation “Two towers in the city wall: Neitsitorn 645 and Kiek in de Kök 535” on 13 October.


  • Tallinn City Museum: children’s conference included in the Estonia 100 exhibition “One hundred years of the day-to-day”. The year 2038. Memories from childhood in the year 2018. Children will talk about their childhoods in retrospect.
  • Children’s museum Miiamilla in Kalamaja: “Pagari piparkook” (baker’s gingerbread). The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of the curator’s grandfather, who was a baker. The curator is Tuuli Silber.


  • Tallinn Russian Museum: “Dedicated to the stage. 70 years of Tallinn Russian Theatre”. This exhibition will be opened on 14 December in cooperation with the Russian Theatre. It will introduce the history of the Russian Theatre and talk about Russian theatre in Tallinn in general starting from the 19th century. From October, the gallery of the Russian Theatre will feature an exhibition about theatre in the present. The exhibition includes museum lessons and audience programmes.


Past events



  • Jubilee concert of Tallinn City Museum at museum-café Neitsitorn: 14 December.
  • Presentation of the anniversary book of Tallinn City Museum at museum-café Neitsitorn: 14 December.
  • Formal opening of the new open depository of Tallinn City Museum. Ceramics, tin, copper, brass and bronze in the halls of Tallinn City Museum. 14 December.
  • 16 December: entrance to all sites of Tallinn City Museum for only 1 euro (excl. guided excursions in the bastion passages). Bastion passages will be open to people visiting the Carved Stone Museum, which will be open on 16 December as an exception. We welcome you on the occasion of our birthday!


  • Children’s museum Miiamilla in Kadriorg: live exhibition “100 years – 100 feet” celebrating the centenary of the Republic of Estonia. The exhibition will be opened on 24 January and closed at the end of the year.
    A 100-year-old centipede will tell exciting stories about the first 100 years of a small, yet brave country. The different stories help children understand history and feel as though they are a part of it. The exhibition includes museum lessons and audience programmes.


  • Museum of Photography: exhibition series Facing the enemy with a camera 1. Portraits in the project room. This exhibition series about the Estonian War of Independence includes 11 rotating photography exhibitions. The curator is Taavi Veiler. The exhibition is open from 8 February 2018 until February 2019. The exhibitions include museum lessons, audience programmes and a catalogue.
  • Kiek in de Kök: photography exhibition From Heinaturg to Freedom Square”. The exhibition includes one hundred photographs, the oldest of which dates back to late 19th century when Heinaturg (hay market) was located by the Harju Gate. Photographs of the events that have taken place on Freedom Square during the past 150 years give museum visitors a sense of how our country was built through public demonstrations and parades, occupations and liberations, as well as through war and reconstruction. The exhibition will be opened on 15 February 2018 and closed on 29 October 2018. The curator is Aet Laast and the designer is Alo Paju (OÜ Imelaps). The exhibition includes educational and audience programmes.

APRIL 2018

  • Museum of Photography: exhibition series Facing the enemy with a camera 3. Navy. Opening on 12 April.

MAY 2018

  • Medieval merchant’s house of Tallinn City Museum: annual exhibition “One hundred years of the day-to-day. What have the past one hundred years been like from the aspect of everyday life? How has the city changed? How did people receive news and communicate, move around and entertain themselves? The exhibition juxtaposes the ten cross-sectional years of 1918–2008. The exhibition will be opened on 11 May 2018 and closed in June 2019.
    The exhibition includes museum lessons, a lecture series in autumn and a children’s conference in November.
  • Tallinn Russian Museum: exhibition Yacht Standart and the family of the last Emperor of Russia”. This exhibition by ROSPHOTO (Saint Petersburg) is based on memories and the photo archive of Second Captain N. V. Sablin, who served on the yacht during the years of 1906–1916. A. K. Jagelski’s photos and unique film chronicle depict the personal lives of the imperial family. The exhibition will be open from 4 May until 30 June 2018.
  • Renewed exposition of the Museum of Photographysolitary cell of the old town jail. Artists Andres Tenusaar, and Taavi and Holger Loodus. We will tell exciting stories that are based on old court cases of the 15th to 16th century, preserved in the city archives. The exposition includes technical solutions, which in turn introduce the development of photography. Opening on 15 May.

JUNE 2018

  • Kiek in de Kök: annual exhibition Water of Tallinn. History of water supply in Tallinn. Clean drinking and domestic water is crucial for the development of cities. The exhibition “Water of Tallinn” tells the story of water consumption and supply in Tallinn throughout centuries. Visitors can observe old wooden and tin water pipes, water sieves and much more, as well as learn why the residents of the city drank so much beer. The curator is archaeologist Villu Kadakas. The exhibition will be opened on 15 June 2018 and closed in summer 2019. The exhibition is prepared in cooperation with AS Tallinna Vesi and it includes educational and audience programmes.

JULY 2018

  • House of Peter the Great: Kadriorg 300. Renewal of the permanent exposition and excursions in the park. We will celebrate the anniversary of the park on 22 July.


  • Children’s museum Miiamilla in Kalamaja: “Childhood in first independent Estonia”. The exhibition will introduce childhood during the time between two world wars – what children played with, read and wore. The curator is Tuuli Silber.