Artist talk with Sanni Saarinen at the Museum of Photography

On February 26, at 2 pm, we invite everyone to an artist talk event with documentary photographer Sanni Saarinen, where she opens the background of her visual world.

Foto: Sanni Saarinen

“Kohti : Towards” presented in the project space of the Museum of Photography is only a small part of Saarinen’s work. Her background is diverse and broad-based: Saarinen holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Religions from the University of Turku, studied photography at the International Center of Photography and Cinema (EFTI) in Madrid, Spain. She is currently an MA student of Photography at Aalto University. Beyond various shows in Finland, her work has been exhibited in New York’s Klompching Gallery with LensCulture, and as part of the Open Walls exhibition at the 2019 edition of the annual Rencontres d’Arles, France. Last year she was awarded with the Descubrimiento Photoespaña / Discovery Photoespaña 2021 prize. 

While in contemporary photography there is still a struggle to see not only a mechanical reproduction in photography, but a separate interpretation of the world, Saarinen discards these combs and creates them straight from the heart. She cultivates this perceptual sensitivity in the viewer, which makes the interpretation of art secondary and elevates the inner states into focus. Saarinen documents the feeling.

In March, a long interview with the artist will be published in the spring issue of our cooperation partner, the photo magazine Positiiv, but the artist talk at the museum will give the audience the opportunity to meet her face to face and ask questions. Everyone is very welcome!

Artist talk is in English.

Admission with a regular ticket to the museum.

Additional information: Annika Haas tel 56610694