The Museum of Photography’s Photostreet: a summer family day on 6th of August 11:00 – 16:00!

The Museum of Photography opens Photostreet!

On 6th of August 2020 we open a Photostreet on our home street, behind the Town Hall, with a family day! Those who come by will be treated to exciting opportunities in analogue methods and special techniques of photography.

You can try pinhole photography with a coffee tin can as the camera, and also have fun with developer and fixer in an actual darkroom. On Photostreet you can create you can create your own personal handprint in the photochemical printing and photogram workshop.

Everyone has a chance to let themselves be immortalised in a collodion wet process portrait by the creators of gallery Ag47.


Takes place: on Raekoja street 11:00 – 16:00

Pinhole workshop: at 12:00 and 14:00, instructors Anneli Jalava and Annika Haas

Handprint workshop: 11:00 – 16:00

Portrait photographing with registration: 11:00 – 15:00 (price for a collodion wet process portrait: 30€)

Registration for the photo session: at the address

A museum ticket is required for participating in the workshops.


Pinhole photography aka how to get the photo in the can?

Can you take photos with a coffee tin? Yes, you can.

Essentially, taking pinhole photos doesn’t require a lens, since it is replaced by a hole the size of a pin – hence the name! The structure of such a camera is comprised of a dark room with a hole in one wall. Pinhole cameras have been made from many different things throughout time – from cardboard boxes to matchstick boxes and even tin cans. When the light enters the “camera” through the pinhole, a picturesque image with soft edges will form, which is caused by the long exposure time and the nature of the pinhole opening. How to capture the picture created by this according to the laws of optics can be found out by experimenting in the pinhole workshop with a coffee tin. The image can the then be enchanted onto light sensitive photo paper by seeing the magic of the darkroom for yourself.

Photographic handprint workshop

A handprint can be captured onto a photo paper with the aid of light and photochemistry. Unlike the darkroom processes of photographic printing known from analogue photography, handprints can be made in bright sunlight. To do this, we change the order of chemical solutions and thanks to that a perfect photographic copy of your hand can be made without going to the darkroom!

More about the collodion wet process

Register yourself for the photo session at the address