Children’s Museum Miiamilla invites you to take part in the photo contest “SPECIAL CIRCLES of Friends”

Everybody is welcome to take part in Children’s Museum Miiamilla’s photo contest “SPECIAL CIRCLES of Friends”!

Everybody (and that really means EVERYBODY) – be that children, youngsters, families, teams of co-workers, grown-ups, animals or any kind of special coterie you have in your heart, who enjoy each other’s company and believe in the world-changing power of friendship! From the most colourful pieces (can be black-and-white, too!) sent to us we are going to put together an exhibition to show that while we all may be different here on Earth, it is vital to find aspects that we have in common.


  • It’s a fascinating photo contest that broadens the nature and amiability of friendship as such!
  • The contest was announced on the 15th of February – in connection to the friendliest day of the year.


  • Please send us a photo (old and precious or new and shiny) of a jolly group! Let your imagination run wild – only sky’s the limit! So – limitless, to be precise!
  • Resolution of the photo needs to be at least 72 dpi. But don’t worry, you will do just fine!
  • Please send your picture in JPG/JPEG format.
  • Please note! Be sure to write us a short note about the friend group on the picture: what it is that connects you and makes your friendship so special!


  • Please send your photo and short story going with it to: with the keyword “Friendship” on the subject line.
  • Be sure to add the photographer’s name, age, address, phone number and e-mail address.
    Please note that by submitting the photos you give us the right to use them in the competition materials and at the exhibition itself. You will also verify that all the people on the photo(s) have consented to being presented in the competition.
  • The gates of the contest will close on the late evening of May the 15th of 2020!


  • The most special photos and stories will be rewarded and will become part of a brand new exposition (work-in-progress, takes some time) of Children’s Museum Miiamilla.
  • The photos that will be presented at the exhibition – to be opened on the 30th of May – will be chosen by the friendly jury that consists of the personnel of Estonian institutions such as the Museum of Photography, Lasteekraan (Estonian TV site for children), Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Kiusamisvaba Kool (bullying prevention organisation) and of course us – Children’s Museum Miiamilla.
  • The plentiful prize-fund comes from
    Children’s Museum Miiamilla,
    Museum of Photography,
    NUKU Museum,
    publishing company Tänapäev,
    Estonian Public Broadcasting and
    Minna’s Marmalade.


Photos about friendly groups that will cover the Children’s Museum’s walls talk about associations with varied looks, interests and cultural environments. The goal of this kind of community-inclusive contest is to broaden the viewer’s world-view and to come to the realisation that although we are all different, the most important thing is to find common aspects connecting us. The exhibition will consist of the stories and photos submitted to the contest. 


* Children’s Museum Miiamilla reserves the right to use the materials submitted to the contest in media, in the exhibition and in other materials connected to the exhibition, and in the Museum’s further activity going forward. Authors of the photos will be referred to. We promise to use the photos in good practice.

In case you have some questions, please feel free to contact:

Jane Meresmaa-Roos

phone number: 601 7056

e-mail address: