Enel Lepik and Larissa Tilk “Black and White Keys – Duo” 6.04-30.04

Enel Lepik and Larissa Tilk have a joint exhibition “Black and White Keys – Duo”, which will be opened in the Photo Museum on the 6th of April at 17:00. The exhibition can be visited until the 1st of May.

Enel Lepik and Larissa Tilk write about their exhibition: “Black and White Keys – Duo” is our joint exhibition – it is our duo, a play with four-hands. Why have women photographed women? Because an Estonian woman is delicate and at the same time strong; she is beautiful and talented; she is humorous and at once mysterious. An Estonian woman has elemental might, she is like fire and wind and the wild nature itself, she has in herself both hell and heaven…

We wish that people would enjoy the beauty of woman, which has been captured for centuries, when looking at our exhibition. I have met people who feel awkward and are ashamed of such pictures, but for them there many other beautiful pictures to enjoy.
Please enjoy our exhibition and until new beautiful encounters!