“Life Experience” – exhibition curated by Kaupo Kikkas

“Life Experience”

Group exhibition
Curator: Kaupo Kikkas
Photographers: Andres Putting, Silvia Pärmann, Aivar Pihelgas, Jaan Künnap, Renee Altrov, Temuri Hvingija, Annika Metsla, Toomas Luhaäär, Stina Kase, Tõnu Noorits, Kaupo Kikkas, Kalju Suur, Harald  Leppikson, Carl Sarap.

f_yunnan_habemega mees

Silvia Pärmann “Bearded Man”

You can’t buy life experience, nor bluff it or attache as a mask. It is impossible to visually depict life experience itself and it will become visible only through a person in whom it accrues drop by drop.


I invited as different photographers as possible to participate in the exhibition. Besides the fact that I know their work what joins them in my eyes is respect and appreciation of photography and the person on the other side of the lens. Taking a portrait is always a responsibility and there are only a few moments when a person is as defenceless as standing in front of the lens and waiting for the ‘shot’. I picked personalities as diverse as possible, with different background and of different age, who stand for various subfields of photography. To the present-day photographers I added three legendary Estonian photographers who have already left us phantasising how they would have treated the subject of life experience.

Kaupo Kikkas


The exhibition was supported by  Restoran Al Bastione ja Diesel Arts


Stina Kase “Aksel from Puka”