Visit many museums with only one ticket

We invite You to take part in the orientation game where You can visit many museums with just one ticket.

Come and get your instructions from the museum and set

You can choose between two courses:

A shorter course in the Kadriorg Park with two museums
Distance 500m. Tickets 5€/3 €, Family ticket 8 €) Ticket is valid for 1 month.

1. House of Peter the Great
2. Children´s museum in Kadriorg



A longer course in the old town with five different museums.
Distance 1,5 km, Ticket 15€/9 €, family ticket 25 €. Ticket is valid for 3 months.

1. Tallinn City Museum
2. Museum of Photography
3. Russian Museum
4. Tower Kiek in de Kök
5. Neitsitorn (Maiden´s Tower) Museeum-Café