A tour of the exhibition “Indecent Tallinn” for adults

A tour of the exhibition “Indecent Tallinn” for adults

Tallinn City Life Museum’s exhibition “Indecent  Tallinn” tells about the intimate life of the people of Tallinn through time, about various desires and the taboos that accompanied them.
Excursions in the urban space expand the themes of the exhibition and tell stories related to specific locations. During the tour, we will move around the old town and learn about herbal love potions and many other rather indecent things! The experiential tour also includes a workshop with hands-on activities.

The tour for adults starts from the City Life Museum and moves through the Old Town of Tallinn, the duration of the tour is approximately 1,5 hours.

The tour is age-restricted: not recommended for  under 16 years old!

If you would like to order an excursion in english just for your group of friends or work team contact us at . Price per person is 15€ and minimum size of the group is 10 people.


The City Museum’s exhibition deals with the sexual behavior of the townspeople and prostitution in Tallinn from the 15th century to World War II. We approach the topic through the perspective of social history, casting an exciting cultural-historical perspective as well as urging society to be ready to deal with this sensitive topic without false shame. In the exhibition, we are primarily about the fringes of satisfying sexual desires – not couple relationships, but prostitution, erotica and pornography. The exhibition presents the visitor with different aspects of Tallinn’s “indecent” life – we will find out what prostitution meant, how prostitutes lived and worked, who were clients of prostitutes, what pornography was like in different eras, what dangerous venereal diseases spread.