Calendar 2018: “Arcadia of Tallinn”. Archways from the art collection of the museum

Tallinna Arkaadia. Linnavaateid muuseumi kunstikogust

Arcadia of Tallinn” exhibits less-known cityscapes from the art collection of Tallinn City Museum.

The exhibition includes a total of 12 cityscapes by Märt Bormeister, Karl Burman junior, Vladimir Bogatkin and others from the 1920s to 1964, as well as Rein Raamat’s sketch for the puppet film “Peetrikese unenägu” (Little Peeter’s dream) from 1963.

It is always a bit tight in old cities that have had to develop within protective walls across centuries. This is why pathways would not be possible without archways, gates and arcades, which people have to pass through no matter whether they offer shelter from the rain or make you walk faster to avoid the dirt and the darkness. City dwellers notice them as they lead from traffic-heavy cobblestone paths to quiet courtyards or from tight streets to the spacious Town Hall Square. Artists, however, notice the framing composition of the arches, as well as the contrasting space: a sunny city and the darker occasionally slightly frightening archway. This calendar includes images of Tallinn’s archways from the art collection of Tallinn City Museum.

Compiled by Risto Paju

Tallinn City Museum’s calendar 2018: Arcadia of Tallinn

Designed by Anne Järvpõld

Printed by Aktaprint OÜ

The A5 table calendar by Tallinn City Museum is available at the sites of the museum and in the main building at 17 Vene Street. Price 2.5 euros.