Program for the conference ”Danish-Estonian Relations in the Middle Ages”, Tallinn 10th – 12th of September 2021

Program for the conference ”Danish-Estonian Relations in the Middle Ages”, Tallinn 10th – 12th of September 2021


Friday, 10th of September 2021

15:00-17:00 Arrival of the Danish conference participants from Copenhagen, getting to the accommodation and get settled in there.

17:00-19:00 Excursion of the Niguliste Museum, the Church of the Holy Spirit Church and the Tallinn City Museum with a focus on how Late Medieval and Early Modern Reval/Tallinn visually demonstrated its Danish past through works of art. Guide Kerttu Palginõmm.


Saturday, 11th of September

9:00–9:15 opening words Toomas Abiline, Stefan Pajung and Mihkel Mäesalu


9:15–10:45 first session: The crusades

Kurt Villads Jensen: King Valdemar II and Tallinn 1219 – just another of his conquests or part of a grand plan?


Kristjan Kaljusaar:  The Times They Are a-Changin’ – Survival Strategies of Estonian Elites During the Livonian Crusades.

Moderated by Ivar Leimus


10:45–11:15 coffee break


11:15–12:45 second session: Tallinn during Danish times

Tiina Kala: Old DocumentsNew Meanings. Some Interpretations of 13th-century Danish Royal Charters for Tallinn.


Villu Kadakas: Territorial development and fortifications of the lower town of Tallinn in the Danish period. 

Moderated by Jüri Kivimäe


12:45–13:45 lunch


13:45–15:15 third session: Church history

Stefan Pajung: Interactions between the Estonian clergy and the Danish Church in the Middle Ages. and

Johnny G. G.  Jakobsen: The Dominican Convent in Tallinn as part of the province of Dacia.

Moderated by Mihkel Mäesalu


15:15–15:45 coffee break


15:45–17:15 fourth session: Danish Estonia

Thomas Riis: The status of Danish Estonia – a colony or part of Denmark.


Mihkel Mäesalu: The King of Denmark in the eyes of his Estonian vassals and subjects.

Moderated by Kurt Villads Jensen


19:00 Dinner


Sunday, 12th of September

9:00–10:30 first session: Denmark in Estonia after 1346

Juhan Kreem: The Royal Danish ship “Maria” in Tallinn 1518-1519.


Madis Maasing: Danish-Livonian relations in the beginning of the Reformation Era (1520s and 1530s)

Moderated by Anti Selart


10:30–11:00 coffee break


11:00–12:30 second session: Aspects of the Danish Involvement in Estonia’s past

Torben K. Nielsen: Emotions and Sensations in the 13th century Baltic Crusades.


Anu Mänd: Søren Abildgaard’s drawings of Estonian medieval monuments.

Moderated by Stefan Pajung


12:30–13:30 lunch


13:30–14:00 Anti Selart: Closing Statements


The flight from Tallinn Airport to Copenhagen leaves at 17:04, so the conference participants will have ample time to collect their luggage and get to the airport.




 Lübeck law in Tallinn, Tallinn Code from 1282.