“6 objective views” 4.05-29.05

Six young artists have photographed one city – Tallinn – for their joint exhibition.
Though the city is the same, all of them have found their own perspectives that reflect their experiences in life. To ensure absolute objectivity, a lens has been used to take all photos.

Ave Hansen notices the changes in light and shadow and uses repetitive motifs to create a grand panorama.

Berit-Bärbel Rebane values animals above all and her photos feature humour and absurdity.

Laura Roomets has found a futuristic quarter which is imposing in its seriousness and is captured in black and white.

Paula Parts has documented the Old Town in a homely manner, focusing on the quiet, cosy inner courtyards instead of the medieval architecture.

Sandra Reivik brings humanlike creatures to the bleak panel buildings and allows them to take over the space usually dominated by birds.

Urmet Nööri is a brave man, who documented the houses of hipsters and hippies in the night-time to capture the tranquillity amidst the raging world.

The common denominator of these six young artists is the University of Tallinn.

The curator of this exhibition is Eve Kiiler.