Special Mondays: the museum welcomes people with special needs

Friends Aurelia and Marta Luisa at the children’s museum. Photo: Eve Sepp

The branches of Tallinn City Museum – Children’s Museum Miiamilla, Kalamaja Museum and Tallinn Russian Museum – welcome people with special needs once a month, on Mondays.

Special Mondays are directed at people with sensory sensitivity and with other special needs, who require a calm and quiet environment to focus and operate. The museums offer independent visiting in a safe and experienced environment. If needed, the museum offers methodical games and targeted activities.

On Special Fridays, a child, teenager or an adult with special needs can visit and discover the exhibitions in a silent setting, get used to the room and adapt to the environment. This can be done together with a support person or a parent.



  • Participation requires registering beforehand (Look at the Museums’ contacts below)
  • The visitation time is from 12:00 to 16:00.
  • Visiting the museum is free for the person with special needs and their chaperon.
  • We assure you that during the visit there will not be any other children or groups at the museum. Please let us know that you will be visiting the museum beforehand.

Children’s museum Miiamilla

Kalamaja Museum

Tallinn Russian Museum

  • Book a visiting time at or call 53052151
  • How to come to the museum, LOOK HERE