Children’s Museum Miiamilla provides Ukrainian families a space for meeting and play

Children’s Museum offers a peaceful and safe environment for Ukrainian war refugees to meet their compatriots. The friendly atmosphere is ideal to spend time together, meet each other and exchange the experiences. 

Photo: Janek Toomikas


In Children’s Museum you can play with almost everything and discover the museum’s permanent exhibition of friendship or play different roleplays. In the small observatory you can lie down, tell stories and watch the star constellation.

Ukrainian war refugees are expected to use our museum as a meeting place with a safe atmosphere and a space for communication between families. At the same time, the museum is closed to other visitors. 

Museum provides a safe meeting place for free, where families can share the experiences and information.


Dates for Ukranian family meeting space:


21.03 from 15 to 18

28.03 from 15 to 18


11.04 from 15 to 18

18.04 from 15 to 18

25.04 from 15 to 18


9.05 from 15 to 18

16.05 from 15 to 18

23.05 from 15 to 18

30.05 from 15 to 18


  • Museum offers the rooms for Ukrainian families free from charge.
  • Our friendly museum staff speaks English or Russian.


Museum address and contact:

Koidula 21c, Kadriorg, Tallinn

tel 601 7057

FB: miiamilla