The celebration of the Kadriorg palace and park 300th anniversary

We are inviting you to celebrate the Kadriorg palace and park ensemble 300th anniversary!

22. 07. 2018

The birthday is full of lots of activities for families all around the Kadriorg park and museums. The theme of the activities are focused to various professions through 300 years: emperor, gardener, dance teacher, guvernant, architect, messenger, artist etc.

In Kadriorg children’s museum Miiamilla we are introducing old fashioned profession – GUVERNANT. Guvernant was working as a home teacher for children in high class and nobel families. The emperor’s children had lessons of languages, mathematics, music, art etc. At the 19th century in Kadriorg park children were playing and learning through games with their guvernants and nursemaids.

In the beginning of 20th century Kadriorg park was place to enjoy walks in the nature and step in to the small cafeterias to have a slice of delicious cakes or ice cream. During the Republic of Estonia there was created  Kadriorg’s children’s sports area – Youth Park, which was focused to health, outdoor activities and physical education.

Nowadays Miiamilla is a place for families with children, who enjoy playing and exploring in the museum. So the museum itself is like a teacher or guvernant, who gives possibilites to learn through hands-on exhibition, games and activities.


12.00 Opening ceremony in front of Kadriorg Palace. Performance of the dance theater Petit Trianon (St. Petersburg).

12.30–16.00 The activities for families
PETER the GREAT 100 PROFESSIONS – House of the Peter the Great
PAINTER – in front of the Kadriorg Park Museum and library
GARDENER – Rose hill and exhibition „Estonia 100 roses“
GUVERNANT – Kadriorg Children’s Museum Miiamilla
ARCHITECT – Kumu Art Museum
KASTELLAN– Vilde Museum
SLOBODAA FAIR–  In the street of Roheline aas
EMPEROR’S COOK – Restoran „Mon Repo“ terrace

16.00 Concert “Kadriorg 300” at the Kadriorg Park Concert Hall

There is a possibility to visit the President’s Office of Rose Garden and Lighthouse

NB! Activities in the open air is for free. Access to each museum is 1 euro.
The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the program.