You only need one ticket for the four towers of Tallinn City Museum!

Tallinn City Museum’s Kiek in de Kök artillery tower, Maiden Tower (Neitsitorn) museum cafe, Stable Tower (Tallitorn), Gate Tower of the Short Leg (Lühikese jala väravatorn) and the parapet that connects them can be visited with one single ticket. 

From summer 2018 instead of two separate museums (Kiek in de Kök and Maiden Tower museum cafe) there is now one museum with the new name of Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum (an affiliate of Tallinn City Museum).
The museum incorporates the fortification complex comprising four towers, the city wall with its parapet and the bastion passages. The museum presents an overview of how war has been waged and the defence of Tallinn through the ages.

From now you can visit all parts of the fortification complex that are above ground, from Kiek in de Kök to the Gate Tower of the Short Leg, with a single ticket. There are magnificent views from the parapet across the Danish King’s Garden across to the slopes of Toompea, Tallinn Bay and the Old Town. The Maiden Tower museum café with its beautiful views, a one-time home to artists and a cafe with cult status during the 1980s, will continue to operate as part of the museum.

For a truly memorable visit to the museum complex we recommend you to book a GUIDED TOUR OF THE FOUR TOWERS, which is available in Estonian, English, Russian and Finnish.
Scheduled tours at set dates and times can be found here: in English and in Estonian.

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Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum includes the following sights:
Danish King’s Garden: one-time courtyard where cannons and church bells were cast and the Toompea hillside, where in 1219 the Danish Dannebrog legend about one of the world’s oldest national flags was born.
Maiden Tower (from 1370): unique square defence tower.
Stable tower (from 1380): much-feared dungeon and lookout tower.
Gate Tower of the Short Leg (from 1454): historical connection between Toompea and the lower town.
Kiek in de Kök Artillery Tower (from 1483): largest medieval artillery tower in the Baltic States.
Bastion Passages (17th century): passages and exhibition in the Swedish and Ingrian Bastions built to defend the city.