The exhibition of Langebraun Porcelain from Priidu Nõmm’s Private Collection

The largest known private collection of Langebraun porcelain in the world will be publicly exhibited for the first time at the exhibition.

Priidu Nõmm’s collection probably has more vessels bearing the stamp of the Nikolai Langebraun Porcelain Workshop than all Estonian museums combined. The exhibition is compiled in a thematic manner, with the large complete services and miniature vessels meant for children exhibited separately. In addition to the pieces, the viewer can learn about the exciting stories connected to their collection. Besides the story of the private collection, the exhibition provides an overview of the history and diverse production of the Nikolai Langebraun Porcelain Workshop.

Nikolai Langebraun (1877–1960) is the most famous name in the history of Estonian porcelain. Although his company did not produce porcelain, the objects decorated there are an important part the history of our industrial art and design. The pieces decorated in the porcelain workshop in Tallinn in the 1920s–1930s can still be found in Estonian collections today. They form part of family stories, carried the aura of Estonia’s golden era during the years of occupation, and have become greatly desired pieces among collectors.

Curator: Anne Ruussaar
Designer: Mari Kurismaa
Graphic designer: Mari Kaljuste

The exhibition is open at the Tallinn City Museum (Vene 17) from 20 February 2019 until 12 January 2020.


The exhibition is accompanied by a public programme of lectures, workshops and bookable events that offer the joy of recognition and an experience for visitors of all ages.

Tuesday, 12 March at 5:30pm: Lecture, Anne Ruussaar. “The History of the Nikolai Langebraun Porcelain Workshop”. Register here!
Tuesday, 9 April at 5:30pm: Talk, Anne Ruussaar, Priidu Nõmm. “Langebraun at Home and in the Museum”.
Register here!
Tuesday, 23 April at 5:30pm: Workshop, Anne Ruussaar. “How to Find a Langebraun?”
Register here!

Tours with the curator:
Tuesday, 24 September at 6pm
Tuesday, 15 October at 6pm
Tuesday, 19 November at 6pm

Information and reservations: or 615 5184

The exhibition is accompanied by the first book in the Tallinn City Museum series TREASURY OF TALLINN: “LANGEBRAUN. ONE OF US AND YET NOT. Nikolai Langebraun’s Porcelain Decorating Industry” by Anne Ruussaar.

Compiling the book has mainly relied on the collection of the Tallinn City Museum, which includes slightly more than 400 pieces, and the private collection of collector Priidu Nõmm.

The book, with text in both Estonian and English, was produced in collaboration with the publishers Tänapäev.

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Anne Ruussaar LANGEBRAUN. OMA JA VÕÕRAS. Nikolai Langebrauni portselan