Tallinn City Museum Christmas Game “Christmas across the city!”

Christmas game poster

5 January at 11am–4pm

 Find Father Christmas, the schoolmaster, the old photographer and the tower guard from four Old Town museums!


Christmas makes the city twinkle! When the Christmas tree is up on the city square and the smell of gingerbread rises through the streets, the inhabitants of the city also become more active. At home as well as at school they are preparing for the Christmas party, everyone down to the smallest children of the city can be photographed in the studio to send season’s greetings to a friend. The busiest in the city is the old tower guard because he has to keep the Christmas Peace. Christmas music rings out, dances in the round are danced and Christmas decorations made!

Fotomuuseum raevanglasChristmas in a photography studio

Museum of Photography, Raekoja 4/6

Before Christmas there is a lot of activity in the photography studio because everyone wants to get a Christmas photograph of themselves and their family. This is so they can make their relatives and friends who live further away happy. Photographer Peeter is a well-known old photographer, who knows all of the secrets and tricks. Come meet the old photographer, have your picture taken and learn how to make a cyanotype. You can make a very special Christmas card with it!

Christmas Peace in an artillery tower

Kiek in de Kök and Fortifications Museum, Komandandi tee 2

The Christmas spirit reigns in the old fortification towers, the tower guard Hans Schulte is welcoming visitors. Since the tower guard has lots to do before Christmas, finding him requires a little cunning. During the exciting game of hide and seek, you will come across other important inhabitants of the city. Music will be played and you can even make things at Kiek in de Kök and the Gate Tower on the Short Leg, the mysterious bastion passages are open to anyone who is interested. The café is open in Neitsitorn!


  • Advent music from long ago as well as nowadays will ring out every day!
  • 12pm – old string ensemble Inscientia Beata in Kiek in de Kök
  • 2pm – Peeter Klaas on viola da gamba in the Gate Tower on the Short Leg
  • 3pm – old string ensemble Inscientia Beata in Kiek in de Kök


Tallinna vene muuseumSchool Christmas party

Russian Museum of Tallinn, Pikk 29a

At the Russian Museum of Tallinn you will find yourself at a city school, where they are preparing for Christmas. Visitors are welcomed by the schoolmaster offering everyone some tea, telling school stories from long ago and performing Christmas poetry by Russian classics. Together you will decorate the tree and make masks in case you need to take part in the New Year carnival. The braver ones can test their abilities at gorodki and dominoes.

  • 5.01 at 1pm – a concert of Christmas songs and sacred pieces by soprano Maria Veretenina


Linnamuuseumi kaupmehemajaHome for Christmas!

City Museum, Vene 17

Before Christmas the townhouse is full of hustle and bustle because the whole family is preparing for the holidays. The tree has already been brought in and the rooms have been decorated. Come help the family make presents and Christmas decorations. The animals and birds of the city will also receive a nice tasty feast. There are rumours that Father Christmas may also drop in at the Christmas home, but before that, you can practice reading your Christmas verse with the four-legged family members, who will listen intently and then show the tricks they plan to perform to get their present. Reading therapy dogs and their guides will come from the Estonian Association of Assistance and Therapy Dogs.


A Christmas programme ticket gives you access to four museums on all three days.

– adults 15 euros
– concession 9 euros

– family ticket 25 euros
– pre-schoolers free