BIRTHDAY AT THE MUSEUM: celebrate your child’s birthday in a new way!

It is possible to celebrate birthdays at and invite a bunch of friends to the children’s museum. Miiamilla offers fun games and exciting experiences based on the age of the children! 


There isn’t a better place for a kid to enjoy than the children’s museum! A birthday is an important day even if you already go to school or are just turning 4 years old – our doors are open and you’re welcome to celebrate your birthday with us!


For children up to 3 years old: “The party of the little bugs” is meant for celebrating the birthdays of the little ones. The package includes the rent of a room without a programme. The small party space fits mommies and daddies with the children. The greatest thing about the package is that in addition to the room, the small ones can explore the colourful world of Miiamilla.


For children from 4 to 6 years old: “The birthday of baby animals” invites the kids to explore the animals living in the woods. We will play fun animal games, search for the bugs that have hidden away and will put together a puzzle of animal traces. By the end of the party, we will transform ourselves into animals by making fun masks.


For children from 7 to 11 years old: “A travel through time to the children’s paradise of Kadriorg” is a fun and playful, yet educational throwback to the time that has passed.  While playing together we will discover how the children of the past spent their free time in the children’s paradise of Kadriorg.