at Kalamaja museum

The exhibition is open from 26 April 2024 to 30 April 2026.

“The Magical Realism of Kopli” focuses on peculiarities and special observations in one of Tallinn’s districts. The visitor gets a subjective view of Kopli. The exhibition was inspired by two women’s perceptions of what they have experienced and heard in Kopli. One of the authors comes from several generations of locals, while the other author has lived in Kopli for only a few years. However, there are as many stories about Kopli as there are people to tell them. The exhibition explores reality through people’s experience and perception of life. It tackles the question of what a dreamed and forgotten Kopli looks like, while also trying to capture the magic of everyday life.

The exhibition is part of Kalamaja Museum’s series of exhibitions curated by members of the local community. The curator of this exhibition is Hannele Känd, a Kopli resident. It was designed by Linda Zupping, who is also from Kopli.

In addition to the exhibition, visitors can also take part in Kopli tours that set off from Kalamaja.


Curator: Hannele Känd
Room designer: Linda Zupping

Graphic design: Eva Voog

Soundscape: Carmen Kalata
Audio: Andres Roosileht, Eduard Tee
Language editor: Klaire Kolmann
Text translations: Luisa Translation Agency

Producers: Linda Zupping, Mirko Känd, Sandra Mirka

Some moments of magic/realism

Photos: Hannele Känd.